ghetto mosque

what is a ghetto mosque? before you say its a mosque in tha ghetto, its not a mosque in tha ghetto. it is a place where caburet goblins can produce vast amounts of narcotics and other illegal substances. they will also produce shit for ya which is pretty pimpin. i've actually sent off for my patended drug which me (jimbob) and my friend rach are currently developing. its called spankbutter. and as soon as i get my order from those damn caburet goblins ill control the omniverse, and everything in it. these ghetto mosque are constantly under raids, but its no worry, they are never caught in the act, as caburet goblins can teleport. they teleport by doing a magical dance known as the "I need to teleport otherwise im screwed im a drug baron with a factory full of narcotics dammit". these caburet goblins are very disrespected however. they were banished from the omniverse because they tried to break the goblin kings thumbs (it was stupid anyway, only me mike n nath R.I.P can break the goblin kings thumbs). i dont really like them either but aslong as i get my spankbutter im happy. ghetto mosques are found in hyper ghetto's. its hard to miss them as thye have goblins outside singing and dancing, and a huge 50 ft sign saying ghetto mosque on top.. they have super high security though. they have super charged electric gnomes as body guards, and guard dogs with acid saliva and grenade nostrils. there ya go, thats the low down. and remember, a little exercise hurts evry1 so dont bother. run free my fat bastard friends!