as you may of noticed, more or less everyone who has even looked at this site isnt all there, especially the writers. i suppose it comes with being so ill. or maybe thats why we are so ill!? who knows. anyway, im writing this page to tell you about my imaginary pets & friends. (this is jimbob by the way). i will also tell you how to make your own imaginary pets and friends. enjoy!

bob- this guy is my only imaginary friend, but he is very very special. why you ask? because he is the tiniest leprachaun in the world, and he lives in an oasis inside my head. he is also the most violentest leprachaun in the world. he's always shouting at me, telling me how to dress, telling me what to eat. says he'll kick my brain in if i dont do what he fucking says. crazy lil irish bastard. but i dont usually do what he says. because if i die, he dies! i created him back in the day when i was bout 13. he's done me well, makes me laugh too. he is fun to talk to during lessons, and he likes to do aggrresive rollerblading on my books n shit during school. (yes he can come out of my head).

zebra- a tiny zebra. fits in my palm.
gorilla- same as zebra but its a gorilla.

ok i can make this page alot quicker, ill write down all the pets i have and they all apply to the rules of they are tiny enough to fit in my palm.

zebra, gorilla, crocodile, lemur, dog, cat, unicorn, elephant, minotaur, bear, skeleton dog, cow, mouse, owl, fox, and pretty much any other animal i feel like having but cant be arsed to say!