the mother fucking razor duck
it was a quiet time in ducksville. too quiet. ducks were strolling in the park peacefully, baby ducks were happy. but this was just the calm before the storm. for razor duck was in town! the highstreet was very crowded with happy shoppers, then in the distance they could hear a cry. it could only be 7 things, but it was onlly one, RAZOR DUCK! razor duck swept down from the skys and sliced through all of the ducks, and glided back up into the air. no ducks were left standing. razor duck stood upon a building, deciding where to go next. he decided he should go to the local bowling alley, because he was never a real fan of bowling. he took his daily shot of thorine and left hastily. he arrived at the bowling alley in mere seconds (in reality it was bout half hour but he was pretty damn fucked!) he stromed in through the front door, and started slashing at the happy bowlers with his razor beak. just when things couldnt get more bloodier, his arch enemy freedom penguin apeared.
"stop this pointless killing razor duck!" he shouted
"hey look! a flying turtle" razor duck replied
they quickly went into battle. freedom penguin had the obvious advantage at first as he wasnt halucinating and had his freedom hammer on full charge, but as the battle intensified razor ducks razor beak began to heat, and his limit break level grew. in no time he had his limit break, razor fuck. he used razor fuck on freedom penguin and left the penguin in 5 mashed up piles. razor duck carried on his killing spree, and after a long day killing he went home a very tired little duck.